Club Cricket Conference

Sunday, 11th April 2021

"Dear Reader Challenge"


A reminder that the competition is open!

The rules of the challenge are as follows:
There will be two Categories of entry
Over 30 years of age
Under 30 years of age.
The fantastic prizes for each Category will be

  1. A ticket for the Club Cricket Conference Annual Lunch at Lord’s
  2. A copy of the CCC Centenary masterpiece “The Show Must Go On”
  3. A copy of “The Reluctant Umpire”
  4. As many copies of past CCC yearbooks as you wish!

Entrants must write an original piece based on the following criteria:
400 words on any of the following subjects:
My favourite cricketer
My greatest day at a cricket match
What got me hooked on cricket
My favourite club cricket story
The first line must include the words “Dear Reader”
The judging panel will use the following basis for their collectively wise decisions:
Originality, relevance, humour, sincerity and style
The best judged article in each category to be published in the next CCC Newsletter (the judges’ decision is final)
Please indicate in your submission the following:
The subject from the above 4 headings
The age category (checkable I promise!)
Articles to be submitted to

Submission date - Friday 29th May 2020