Club Cricket Conference

Saturday, 19th September 2020

Cricket Deal Direct rebates

Several new clubs and leagues have joined the Cricket Deal Direct rebate scheme. The programme which offers clubs and leagues their own online shop without the need to hold stock, or any other obligations for that matter is proving a very popular proposition. The online shop is effectively an individually rebranded version of the existing Cricket Deal Direct website shop ( and it provides a transparent revenue stream without cost. In today’s climate where sponsorship and other funding are proving to be increasingly challenging this potential source of additional income is a much welcome.

Members of clubs and leagues are encouraged to purchase their cricket gear through their own shop, which has a huge range and is effectively a ONE-STOP-SHOP for cricketers from bats, balls, protective clothing accessories and other equipment to cricket clothing and coaching packs.

Ian Anderson, Managing Director of Cricket Deal Direct said “We are delighted to see that so many individual clubs and/or leagues are embracing this opportunity – many have said to us that the idea is too good to be true – but it really is a bit of a no brainer” Ian added “this is a really good way for cricket club members to support their own clubs as the funds that the club earns can be reinvested in the club for the benefit of all”

Amongst recent converts is the Elliot Davis London Cricket League who is also running an introductory money-off offer to their members to get the ball rolling.

As Cricket Deal Direct buy direct from the manufacturer they can offer great value for money on all cricketing equipment and in price comparisons with other online shops prices are favourably cheaper.

Contact Cricket Deal Direct for more details on 01778 345618 or email: