Club Cricket Conference

Tuesday, 24th November 2020

CCC AGM 2018 - A Brief Report from the Chairman

A brief report on the main points arising from The Club Cricket Conference Annual General Meeting which was held at Lord’s in the Committee Room on Tuesday 12 March.

  1.  The Treasurer, Sam Burge, made it clear that our financial position was still on a downward path and, without either huge savings or a regular large inflow of funds, we will have withered away our present income and reserves in the very near future.

  2. The meeting was aware that our main source of income other than the proceeds of our annual lunch, comes from the ECB via its Memorandum of Understanding with The National Cricket Conference. It was noted that this amount, whilst most useful, is insufficient to cover our base administrative costs.

  3. The meeting was reminded that the ECB will only provide funds via a nationally based body.

  4. The meeting was also made aware that the CCC Board of Directors had taken the view that integration of the Club Cricket Conference into The National Cricket Conference should be put to the vote at the 2019 AGM.

  5. In light of this summation, and in the knowledge that the new Memorandum of Understanding between the ECB and The National Cricket Conference is presently being negotiated for expected implementation in March 2019, the meeting mandated the new Board of Directors to ensure that all details of our present obligations be clarified, so that coherent and practical proposals are available to members of CCC prior to next year’s AGM.

  6. To this end, it was agreed that a sub-committee headed by Sam Burge, the Treasurer, should make suitable legal and financial proposals to the Board by September 2018 which would become an effective “White Paper” draft of the underlying practical details necessary for CCC’s integration into The National Cricket Conference.

  7. All this activity to be co-ordinated with similar procedures by both the League Cricket Conference and The Midlands Club Cricket Conference so that suitable financial arrangements for funding can be put to the ECB as part of their new Memorandum of Understanding with the NCC.